Young's Welding Facility

Start to Finish to On-Site Delivery

Through nearly eight decades, Young’s Welding, Inc. has grown in technical skills and services encompassing laser cutting, welding, steel and structural metal fabrication. At the same time, we have remained a family business committed to faithfully serving both our neighbors in southeastern Kansas and our many customers across the 50 states. By outsourcing your steel fabrication to Young’s Welding, you let your people concentrate on what they do best, benefit from our expertise, and at the same time keep your costs down.
We also operate as a manufacturer, providing an OEM product line that includes brush grabbers, root grapple, sheepsfoot rollers, pump jacks, RV frames, pipe trailers, special trailerstowing hitches, ducts, transitions, and emission stacks, vacuum tanks, acid tanks, code tanks, truck bedscrude oil storage tanks & separators. Today our 144,000 square-foot facility produces more than 3,300 tons of steel products and related goods annually.
So the next time you want high-quality welding by AWS D.1.1-certified welders or turnkey structural steel fabrication and delivery, reliable repairs on metal parts, or field-proven OEM products, contact Young’s Welding.

• Custom Metal Fabrication
• RV & Commercial Trailers
• Pump Jacks
• Storage Tanks
• Products for Farm, Ranch, & Construction Building Trusses
• Structural Steel